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Be Active in your Career

I once had someone tell me that I am the only one who owns my career. No one else is under any obligation to help me grow, to help me learn more, to do what it takes to get to the next step. Those are words that are so true. …

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Developing Soft Skills in Product Managers

Much is made of and written about the “hard skills” that a Product Manager must possess. She should be analytical, critical, methodical, detail oriented and master of a vast array of models, methodologies and techniques. But I find very little emphasis in the popular writings or training in our field …

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High-qualily models vs. low-quality models

Any business analyst who uses a computer can create a process flow. They have the tools. They know what a process flow is. So creating a process flow must be simple, right? Most people think they can do a passable job of creating visual models themselves, without training or assistance. …

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Requirements Deliverables: Target Your Audience

At Seilevel, we consistently tout the invaluable benefit of using models in your requirements process.  In many cases, models are more than enough to communicate the intended functionality to all stakeholders.  This is especially true if you have been using models in your process for some time and stakeholders know …

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What is the professional Business Analyst?

Lately I’ve been thinking to myself, “What does it mean to be a professional?” It’s a word no doubt you’ve heard thrown around, often in a cavalier way. People take one look at another person and say, “They are not professional,” or view the actions of another and think, “A …

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Training Business Analysts to Dare to Disagree

Seilevel has increased the number of its public training for business analysts, which got me thinking: what other sorts of training do business analysts need? Having knowledge of how to write requirements, elicitation skills, tool skills, knowledge of models, etc. is definitely fundamental to what a business analyst does on a …

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