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The Curse of Knowledge: Part 3

In Part 1 of this series, I introduced a cognitive bias called the curse of knowledge. In Part 2, I discussed some strategies that can be used to overcome it. Today’s concluding post will examine two final strategies specific to circumventing the curse of knowledge and accomplishing successful communication. 1. …

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Everybody Loves Zombies!

My film-student daughter is currently working on her fourth movie gig – an indie zombie movie being shot here in Austin. While I admit to really not getting the whole zombie thing, I’m excited that she’s getting so many opportunities to do the work she loves. This time around she …

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Business Analyst Tip: Writing for Non-Native Speakers

One of David Reinhardt’s tips in Business Analyst Tip: Working with Overseas Stakeholders is that many non-native speakers are more comfortable with written language than with spoken language. I agree.  Here are a few guidelines that you can apply to make written communication even more effective for non-native speakers. Use scenarios …

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Communication Is Crucial

In the 1970’s, a car company marketed their new hot vehicle, called the Nova, in Spanish speaking countries. Widely successful in other regions, the Nova was expected to do equally as well. Unfortunately, sales tanked and the Nova became a disaster. Why didn’t anyone from Spanish speaking countries jump at …

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How to Influence the Decision Makers

Individuals in our profession (i.e. Product Managers, Business Analysts, Analysts, or Consultants) have the final authority to make the critical decisions that can impact our projects.  That’s why it is so important to learn how to use your skills to influence the decision makers and the people on your team. I have …

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Building Credibility With Your Team

As consultants and product managers, it is important that we quickly build and maintain credibility with our team so that we can work productively and effectively.   If you are unable to join the team dynamics, the work that we provide will be met with apathy or even outright hostility.  I’ve learned a few …

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Communication Challenges on Projects

Recently I was working with a junior team member.  I realized when we were reviewing the task I had asked him to complete, that the  information he had needed to be most successful was the hardest information for me to communicate.  The information I had in my head was not …

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