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Data Defects

Big Data Challenges in Regulated Industries

I have been working with a large financial services company on a “big data” project. Let me qualify the term “big data” for the purpose of this discussion. We are talking of dealing directly with about 10 million records and indirectly about 100 million records. The direct records (approximately 10 …

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Getting Defect Priority Right

I’m working on a project that is in the testing phase right now, so defects are on my mind.  As product managers, we often have the job of prioritizing defects.  Unfortunately, I often run into people who aren’t aware that there is a difference between defect priority and defect severity.  …

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Managing Data Defects in the Software Development Process

For the purpose of this discussion, let me define data defects in a software development process as defects caused when improper data setup manifests itself as “application errors.” I ran into this situation recently when I was asked to define requirements to fix a couple of defects that had been …

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