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Sprint Carry-Over: An Agile Team’s Dirty Little Secret

What does “Done” mean, really? Working on an Agile project is really an exercise in honesty and self-reflection; if your team can’t predictably complete its work, can’t progress through each of its sprints; it’s safe to assume each of your team’s releases will be equally unpredictable. And here lies the …

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The Black Art of Predicting Defects

I was recently asked on my project to  help predict, based on project history, how many defects the team would find in the remainder of the release.  Almost every project plan I’ve been on includes a task to address outstanding defects found during testing–and I’ve even done the estimating myself …

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Getting Defect Priority Right

I’m working on a project that is in the testing phase right now, so defects are on my mind.  As product managers, we often have the job of prioritizing defects.  Unfortunately, I often run into people who aren’t aware that there is a difference between defect priority and defect severity.  …

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Software Project Issue Metrics

  I love numbers, and so I’m always interested in what metrics we can pull from projects. Sometimes I pull them just because I’m curious, sometimes they actually help support opinions and gut feels, and most often they are useful to make decisions on your project. On a recent project, …

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