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design patterns

JAD Sessions Part 1 – The Need

A few years ago Joint Application Design (JAD) was all the rage, however lately I have heard nary a peep from the JAD front until recently. As a result of a couple of customer requests for JAD, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss JAD. Like most processes JAD …

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Patterns for two-year-olds

I was out walking with my two-year-old son last week when we crossed the street next to a person on a motorcycle. From the running commentary in the stroller emerges “the man on the motorcycle is going to school.” Umm…..huh? “Hey bubba, how do you know the man is going …

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Yahoo releases “design” patterns

We have recently had a number of discussions on the messageboard about requirements patterns. The concept comes from the software design world which uses design patterns to save significant time when architecting software (See Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software ) The concept behind requirements patterns is similar with …

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