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Distributed Teams

Hard Lessons in Agile

Sometimes you have to feel pain to learn a lesson. This is true in life, love, and software development. When a team is new to agile development after years of waterfall development, sometimes people dogmatically adhere to the agile manifesto without adapting to unique organizational circumstances. I recently experienced this …

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What to do when a team is resistant to change

As consultants, sometimes we have clients that need many hours of training and help understanding what they should be doing in order to make the end product successful. Although we are hired to make a difference, to change the way our clients do requirements and make products, sometimes we encounter …

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Resource with Tips for Virtual Teams

I am a huge fan of Thiagi’s work on games to use in training. He has made many games publicly available for use in your own training environments. In the past I’ve done some writing (here) about how we’ve adapted his games to Requirements Engineering training courses. But today I …

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