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Developing Soft Skills in Product Managers

Much is made of and written about the “hard skills” that a Product Manager must possess. She should be analytical, critical, methodical, detail oriented and master of a vast array of models, methodologies and techniques. But I find very little emphasis in the popular writings or training in our field …

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IIBA Endorsed Training Opportunities

Seilevel is kicking off 2013 with two training opportunities, one in New York and another in Iowa. We’ll be in each location for three days, and students can select from three classes (but we hope you’ll take all three). Locations/Dates: Des Moines: February 4-6 New York City: February 11-13 Los Angeles: …

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Facilitation Tips

Facilitation is generally understood to be the bread and butter for a Business Analyst looking to elicit requirements from different stakeholders. Here are some quick pointers on the benefits and uses for this method of requirements elicitation. One-on-One Facilitated Sessions: These meetings with key stakeholders can be extremely vital in …

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