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IT as a Sales Function

In college, I was assigned to read The Goal by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt.  It is a novel that tells the story of a plant manager trying to improve operational efficiency in his plant.  I know that this does not sound like a thrilling joyride of a story.  But surprisingly, …

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Gathering Requirements for Migration Projects (Part 2)

On Tuesday I began an overview of the processes behind gathering requirements for a migration project and how these activities differ from a system with new functionality. I began by talking about scope, understanding business needs and working with end users. Although these activities have a lot in common with …

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Everyone is talking about it

I am encouraged by the the growing conversation about good requirements. For example, a recent issue of Manufacturing Business Technology had a good discussion about how quality requirements are necessary to save time and money in Best-in-class report proves out commonsense guide: minimize change (registration required). Quoting Doug Putnam, Change …

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Shall we require – part 2

I was reading through some of our older blog postings and saw the Shall we require post. Joy had asked the question of why use shall and there is a comment by Melissa about the confusion of using will and must. One point of view on this was presented at …

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The Most Important Thing

Last night I was interviewing a candidate and I asked him to tell me the value of a recent project for which he was the lead business analyst. He asked me what I meant and I clarified by asking him to tell me why was the project being done at …

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