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An example of Blueprint in Use on an Agile Project

I attended a talk by folks from BluePrint and Lexis Nexis at BAWorld on Tuesday at BAWorld: Boston called “Requirements Definition for Agile Projects”. The first bit of the talk was just an intro to agile and why it is useful on the projects. The part that I found most …

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Creating BA Competency

As part of our Live from BAWorld: Boston series, I just heard a talk from Karen McKay at Doreen Evans Associates (DEA). She discussed building a BA competency in your organization. Her talk was focused on the high-level need for such a model and what the components of it are. …

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Live from BAWorld Boston

This week I find myself at Project Summit & BAWorld: Boston for about a day and a half. This morning I presented our talk, “If you Build It, Will They Use It? Leveraging Business Objectives to Deliver Successful Projects”. One thing I like about the BAWorld symposiums is that they …

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The BABOK Ate My Laptop

I was doing some research to gather various industry opinions on a topic. So like any good requirements person, I thought I would check the BABOK! I headed out to the IIBA website to open it. I opened it online and remembered it was 329 pages, so I saved it …

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