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Why Should We Hire You?, Part II

Not only do we look for those who possess the necessary soft skills to be a Requirements Analyst and successful consultant (as discussed in Part I), but we also look for candidates that have analytical and creative skills. Analytical skills will let you see through a façade to get to …

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Seilevel is hiring

Seilevel is looking to fill positions in 3 different areas: Database Administrator with Salesforce Knowledge We are looking to hire one someone as a contractor for a CRM database project. We need to migrate our Sales Force database over to our new CRM Microsoft Dynamics. Ideally we are looking for …

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Why Finding a Job Can Be Puzzling

Who’s up for another brainteaser? Well you need to be because it doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon. Try this one- Why do software companies subject job candidates to brainteasers and puzzles? Most candidates are already at least a little nervous about the interview to begin with and …

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