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Org Charts in Software Requirements Gathering

Org Charts are a model to use very early in the software requirements gathering process to identify all of your stakeholders. In part seven, “Org Charts Early On” you will learn how to find or create an org chart and how to use it in your organization whether you are …

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The Importance of the Org Chart Model

When we train people in the use of different requirements models, we typically mention three models as being distinct by virtue of the fact that you can know they are complete:  the org chart, a system context diagram, and business data diagrams. Org charts are generally easily available, since every organization …

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Diagrams 2008 Day 3 Highlights: (Useful) Eye Candy

In a word: Awesome. There really is no other way to describe today’s Keynote Presentation by W. Bradford Paley (link). Paley has done a ton of work in Graphical Design and implementation which has touched many industries—from revolutionizing the ways in which Wall Street traders to their job, to creating …

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People, Systems and Data analysis

When looking at an existing application ecosystem for the first time, whether for an upgrade to the functionality or for a complete system migration, it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin in our quest to understand the ecosystem. To add to the problem, the most common state that …

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