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Additional Ways to Prioritize Requirements

On our projects we are often asked to provide our requirements to the development teams with business prioritization.  I’ve been in meetings with my business stakeholders where we  have sat in front of a list of requirements and attempted to prioritize them one by one.  In my experience, this effort …

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Prioritizing Your Software Requirements, Part II

In Prioritizing Requirements, Part I, we covered the reasons to prioritize requirements and the basic technique. We’ll now address what to do when there is disagreement about prioritization. Unfortunately, requirements prioritization exercises can degrade into arguments very rapidly. This is particularly true when there are conflicting requirements that each side …

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How To Prioritize Your Software Requirements, Part 1

One would think that since requirements are the necessary and sufficient list of behaviors needed to meet the business goals, prioritization is a non-issue. Everything is necessary, so why prioritize? Prioritization becomes an issue in the following ways: The initial vision is too costly or time-consuming to implement, we must …

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