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The Project-changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Backlog

I’m a sucker for organization trends. Earlier this year, I read The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and cleaned my entire house in a matter of weeks under a strange neurotic spell. I threw away years of accumulated papers. I trashed expired cold medicine. I donated 4 …

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Skipping Sprint 0 – The Consequences of Sprinting Without a Backlog

A common misconception about Agile Product Development is around “just-in-time” planning. It’s important to not have all of your requirements for the next six months fully defined (because even the smallest changes will definitely require rework), but it’s equally as important for a Product Owner to be working 1-2 sprints …

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Shovel Ready Requirements

I’ve seen a number of projects that follow a path something like this — gather requirements (there are a bunch of steps in here), do some pruning, flesh out requirements, do some more pruning, mark the requirements importance in some fashion (such as low/medium/high), get the document approved, and say …

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