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Product Camp Austin January 15 2011

We will be at Product Camp on January 15th and we hope you join us. What is Product Camp? In the spirit of BarCamp, ProductCamp is a collaborative, user organized unconference, focused on Product Management and Marketing topics. At ProductCamp there are no “attendees,” since everyone participates in some manner: presenting, …

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ProductCamp Austin is this weekend!

ProductCamp Austin is just around the corner! It’s this Saturday from 9am-3:30pm. I unfortunately am out of town yet again for it, but Tony Chen will be representing Seilevel at it this summer. Hope to hear great stories back from everyone attending!

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ProductCamp Austin Is Almost Here!

ProductCamp Austin is coming in a couple of weeks – it’s a “collaborative un-conference/workshop on Product Management and Marketing topics.” It’s free to attend! Seilevel will be sponsoring the event and offering up a volunteer to photograph the event! We’ll put the pictures on Flickr for everyone to see after. …

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