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Multitasking: Really, Don’t Do It

Kristin’s post Multitasking:  Don’t Do It prompted me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while—find the statistic on the percentage of people who actually do effectively multitask. I don’t know if the search gods were friendlier than they were on  my earlier attempts to find it, …

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Adventures in Data Mapping

I’ve done a lot of data mapping lately. Seriously. In the past eight months or so, my work life has been taken over by a seemingly endless stream of data mapping between interfaces for a credit adjudication system. This was an overwhelming amount of work for me at first. As …

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Building Credibility With Your Team

As consultants and product managers, it is important that we quickly build and maintain credibility with our team so that we can work productively and effectively.   If you are unable to join the team dynamics, the work that we provide will be met with apathy or even outright hostility.  I’ve learned a few …

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Get More Productivity Out Of Your Email

Have you ever received an email and all you could think was “Okay, so now what?” Or, even worse, you go off and do some work in reaction to it and then find out the email was FYI, no action expected? Unfortunately, I have. Both cases. And, I’m afraid to …

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