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Leveraging Business Objectives to Deliver Successful Projects

Are you attending Project World/ Business Analyst World in Vancouver? Don’t miss our presentation: ‘If You Build It, Will They Use It? Leveraging Business Objectives to Deliver Successful Projects’ presented by Seilevel Inc’s Principal Analyst, Anthony Chen. Overview: Business Objectives are the measurable results a business desires to achieve when …

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Additional Ways to Prioritize Requirements

On our projects we are often asked to provide our requirements to the development teams with business prioritization.  I’ve been in meetings with my business stakeholders where we  have sat in front of a list of requirements and attempted to prioritize them one by one.  In my experience, this effort …

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JAD Sessions Part 2 – Roles

JAD Session Part 1 is here. JAD Sessions have clearly defined participant roles. Each person has a critical part to play to make the session successful. Because of the short timeline (3-5 days) participants must be absolutely clear on how the JAD session will work and what their roles and …

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Offshore Development Part 1

Your company has decided to take the leap and begin migrating some of your development offshore. As a business analyst/product manager, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that management will probably realize how important your job really is. The bad news is that …

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