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Assumptions as a Business Analyst

Every area of life has assumptions. Sometimes, you may not even think about them. That’s just the nature of taking things for granted. Need proof? The first statement of this entry was an assumption and you agreed wholeheartedly. To a business analyst, assumptions are the foundation on which good analysis is …

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Facilitation Tips

Facilitation is generally understood to be the bread and butter for a Business Analyst looking to elicit requirements from different stakeholders. Here are some quick pointers on the benefits and uses for this method of requirements elicitation. One-on-One Facilitated Sessions: These meetings with key stakeholders can be extremely vital in …

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Challenges with User Stories

A Promise to have a Conversation I’ve been writing user stories for a couple of years now, and the best way I’ve heard how to describe them is that they are a promise to have a conversation.  Enough information should be written down to give the reader an idea of …

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