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Project Success Measurement

Defining Proper Success Metrics on Business Objectives Models

The Business Objective Model (BOM) is one of the foundational  models we use as part of the Seilevel  requirements methodology.  The BOM defines the rationale for doing a project.  Every BOM has the following key component parts. 1.  Problems  – the business problems to be solved or addressed 2.  Objectives …

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The Difference Between IT Success and Project Success

The recent well publicized problems with the Health Care web site, to support the Affordable Care Act (ACA), when it was launched in late October drove home a very important point to me: There is a fundamental difference between the success of a project (business or government initiative) as whole …

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Using Revenue Properly to Measure Project Success

Objective measures are needed to determine the success and failure of commercial software development efforts. The feedback for companies that sell software as a product or as service is immediate and determined by the marketplace – they either have revenue or they do not. However, for software developed to use …

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What Does Project Success Mean to You?

We have had a lot of discussions internally about “Measuring Project Success.”  At an extremely simplistic level, Seilevel defines success as having been achieved when all the business objectives identified for the project are met. Each business objective will have one or more success metric(s) defined for it. So, when …

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