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RE’08 Follow-up: Teaching About Unknown Software Requirements

At the REET08 workshop, Ray Barnes presented a paper “Teaching the Unknown and the Unknowable in Requirements Engineering Education” written by himself, Donald Gause, and Eileen Way. In their paper, they talk about the need to accept that the “unknown” and “unknowable” exist in requirements. Confusing? That is – “You …

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Live from RE’08: The Towel Effect

The closing talk today was by Jean-Pascal van Ypersele from the Universite Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve and Vice-chair of the IPCC working group 1. Say that 10 times out loud fast! Anyway, his talk was “Climage change: Challenges and Opportunities for Software Requirements Engineering”. In general, he discussed the background science …

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Live from RE’08: Creativity Workshops

Neil Maiden presented a paper Use and Influence of Creative Ideas and Requirements for a Work-Integrated Learning System by Sara Jones, Perry Lunch, himself from the University of Manchester and Stefanie Lindstaedt from the Know-Center. The basic premise behind their paper is that there is an issue with elicitation, in …

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Live from RE’08: Recreating Industry in an Academic Course

I wanted to spend a few minutes writing more about the first paper from this morning, again that was Requirements Engineering Education in the 21st Century, an Experiential Learning Approach, presented by Gil Regev. In his talk, he described the design of their Requirements Engineering masters course. This class effectively …

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Live from RE’08: Learning Research

This morning, Mike and I attended the Learning Research track where we heard 3 research papers presented on the topic of learning. The first paper was Requirements Engineering Education in the 21st Century, an Experiential Learning Approach by Gil Regev, Don Gause, and Alain Wegmann. I’ll talk more about this …

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Live from RE’08: Learning Days for Us

Yesterday was the Requirements Engineering Education and Training (REET08) workshop and today was the beginning of the main conference. So when I say they were “learning days”, I mean more than 2 days of us learning – I also mean that most of the talks we heard were about learning, …

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Live from RE’08: Managing Requirements Knowledge, or RE as KM

OK, yes, it’s a confusing title. But stick with me, and I promise it’ll make more sense. Welcome to Barcelona! Day one included the Managing Requirements Knowledge (MaRK) workshop. The presentations covered a WIDE variety of topics in Requirements Engineering (RE), some of which seemed directly related to Knowledge Management …

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