requirements elicitation

One Note About Organizing Your Thoughts… for Business Analysts

One of the challenges we encounter when creating software requirements is that of sifting through significant amounts of information while ensuring that we have sufficiently “covered all the bases”.  This can be especially daunting as we transition from defining the “why” (Business Objectives) to defining the “what” (Business or Functional …

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Take Everything with a Grain of Salt

Jakob Nielsen’s article Interviewing Users, is focused on interviews for usability testing, but he makes a lot of great points that apply to requirements elicitation as well.  Here are a couple of my favorites: In the section “What Interviews Can’t Do”, Nielsen states: You can’t even ask “How useful is …

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Requirements Elicitation Process Flow

I am working on shortening our Requirements Elicitation and Facilitation training course to be a 4 hour course this week. I came across an L1 process flow I had forgotten I created that describes the steps in the Requirements Elicitation process. The generic process for elicitation often starts with you …

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