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Requirements Tools

Requirements Tools: Excel (1 of Many)

Last time, I went over a Sharepoint feature that’s saved me a lot of time and effort. At Seilevel,, as much as we use Sharepoint, we use Excel even more. Not as much for calculations, but for storing and sorting requirements and associated data, such as features. When we do …

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Collaborate on documents during your meetings

A nice trick that business analysts can use now that collaboration technology like Google Docs exists is to allow meeting participants to simultaneously collaborate on documents during the meeting itself.  Simply have everyone in your meeting open up the document on their own computer, and then everyone can edit the …

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Business Analyst Tip: The Format Painter

Like many of us, I’ve been known to mumble disparaging remarks about Microsoft under my breath while using their tools. But, I have to say there is at least one thing they did right – the format painter. I run into enough people who don’t know about this that I think …

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