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Signing Out from INCOSE 2008

Well, I hate to say it, but my week here at INCOSE 2008 has come to an end. And though I must say goodbye to my INCOSE friends, I’m not headed home quite yet – first I will enjoy a few days in Amsterdam, just up the road from Utrecht. …

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Get More Productivity Out Of Your Email

Have you ever received an email and all you could think was “Okay, so now what?” Or, even worse, you go off and do some work in reaction to it and then find out the email was FYI, no action expected? Unfortunately, I have. Both cases. And, I’m afraid to …

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I’m NOT Going to Read Your Requirements

Ever get the impression that your stakeholders simply aren’t going to read the requirements documents you create? Better yet, have you ever had a stakeholder actually tell you directly that he or she just isn’t going to read the requirements? I haven’t, but I wish someone would. That sort of …

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