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From analysis to delivery: BPM tools as accelerators

I recently had the opportunity to work with a company that had a long sales and construction process.  In their industry it generally took three months to complete the process, but with this company they knew it was taking much longer.  They were challenged to even measure what their cycle …

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Use Color-coded Models for Creative Communication

Necessity is the mother of all invention, the cliche goes, and requirements modelling is no exception. Creating ad-hoc color coding within models to effectively communicate within a project team can save time and prevent confusion. As part of our Seilevel methodology, we use skittles, or color-coded dots, to convey the …

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“Just Enough Documentation” for Agile Projects

Companies that make the switch from Waterfall methodologies to Agile struggle with requirements documentation. How much documentation do we need? What kind? When should this documentation be created? Who is creating this documentation? Our experience shows that companies have swung the pendulum too far in terms of both the quantity …

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Adding More Dimensions to Your Feature Trees

One of the most useful models we have here at Seilevel, at least in my opinion, is the Feature Tree. It allows you to show a high-level view of all the features in a project (ideally on one page) so that stakeholders, analysts and developers alike can ensure a complete …

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Modeling Tip: Make Your Process Flow Easy to Review

For business analysts, a Process Flow is one of the most straight-forward models to interpret: Process Step 1 is related to Process Step 2, relating to Decision 3, which leads to either Process Step 4 or Process Step 5. Not much mystery there, right? While the flow may be easy …

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Bringing Creativity to Business Analysis

Being a business analyst, I think it is fair to say, is not the most creative profession out there. We do have opportunities to write clear requirements, create interesting PowerPoint presentations from time to time, and choose an ingenious font color scheme to make status reports exciting and readable. But …

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An Exciting Week for Seilevel Business Analyst Training!

It was a full house for Seilevel Business Analyst Training last week, and it was so great to meet people from Frontier, USAA, Lincoln Financial Group, and First Command! Going into last week’s training courses, we made changes to the Requirements Visualization course (see this recent post for details) to …

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