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Five New Year’s Resolutions for Requirements

It’s that time of year, where our thoughts turn to the holidays…the holiday parties, the shopping, the lights, visiting with family!  For many organizations, the end of the year tends to be quiet on the IT front, for no organization wants to risk introducing problems into their production environment at …

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Thanks to everyone who attended BA Vancouver

Thanks to everyone who attended our presentation on business objectives at PS& BA World in Vancouver. For those of you who missed the handout.  Here it is, Seilevel’s ROM Defined Guide. For those of you who missed out on our lanyards with handy models, requirements gathering and use case cheat …

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Building Trust with Users – Be An Advocate

One of the key Roles that a Requirements Analyst plays is defining and managing the scope of a project.  Of all the tasks we perform, this is one that is fraught with all manner of complications and one that is most often mismanaged.  The Seilevel ROM Framework provides excellent tools …

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When is IT the business stakeholder?

We use a well established model for looking at the relationship between business requirements and the software requirements that are derived from them. Using the Requirements Object Model (ROM), we typically examine the business problem, the business objective, and the business strategy. We use these to derive a product concept …

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BRD vs. Functional Requirements

Business requirements vs Functional requirements We often get the question asking “what is the difference between business requirements and functional requirements?” In prior posts I have discussed that these distinctions are actually artificial and are artifacts of an organization structure that requires people in “the business” to produce a “business …

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