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Managing Product Backlogs in Diverse Agile Environments

Managing a Product Backlog when there is only one development team in an organization creating one solution at a time is relatively straight forward. However, large enterprises have multiple development teams creating a multitude of solutions with interdependencies between them. Managing product backlogs in these situations becomes very tricky, especially …

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Front-End Engineering Design for Software Development

In my last blog post, I discussed how including larger factors of safety in our requirements estimation and design might help give business analysts the breathing room they need when unexpected scope/features pop up in a project. Another interesting aspect of engineering design that could be incorporated in some way …

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Scope Control Never Ends

I’m working with a group that is trying institute good process.  A lot of the team is new, and they all have various backgrounds.  A developer came up to me the other day and proudly announced that he had coded something that was on the roadmap for a future release, …

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Out of Scope Out of Mind

Be wary the out of scope feature pile. Sure it is a quick and easy way to kill off an entire new project’s worth of work, but did you kill it the right way? Make sure that when moving requirements to an out of scope status that the reasons for …

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