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Co-location: The Answer to Your Agile Woes

I get it—co-location is expensive and may not be feasible for many organizations. For my large enterprise projects, co-located development is the exception rather than the norm. After being handed a high-priority feature and a very aggressive timeline, the project leadership decided to bring the project team together from all …

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Sprint Carry-Over: An Agile Team’s Dirty Little Secret

What does “Done” mean, really? Working on an Agile project is really an exercise in honesty and self-reflection; if your team can’t predictably complete its work, can’t progress through each of its sprints; it’s safe to assume each of your team’s releases will be equally unpredictable. And here lies the …

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Six Sure-Fire Ways to Make Scrum Fail

I joined a project which was trying to use Scrum. After a quick read of Agile Software Development with SCRUM by Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle, I was intrigued. What Schwaber and Beedle had to say passed the “gut check” and I wanted to see it in practice. Their basic …

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Six Requirements Models For Agile Projects

When working on any agile project, most people will agree there is still a need to understand requirements. With the quick iterations of these projects, it’s more important than ever, to use visual models to capture the requirements. When done correctly, they are easier and quicker to create and understand …

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