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Software Development

Using tags in team workflows

Tagging Software Defects for Root Cause Analysis

I really, REALLY like using tags, indiscriminately of the tool we are using on a project (Rally, TFS, Jira, etc.) or the work product type (user stories, features, epics, etc.). But for today, I’ll focus on tags for bugs. Recently, I was working with a great team and gently pushing …

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Can Machine Learning Be a Tool for Business Analysts?

In an earlier blog post, I suggested that Machine Learning might be an interesting alternative to rigorous facilitation for the discovery of business rules.  Today I’d like to talk about how we might identify domains where we might consider Machine Learning. Broadly speaking, there are two large classes of Machine …

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User Stories: Purist vs. Realist

Over the past decade, agile project management has taken the technology world by storm. Its benefits are far reaching throughout the organization. Upper management gets more predictability, product managers are able to pivot/adjust easily, and engineers take ownership in the process and do what they do best just to name …

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A Layman’s View of a Great Tester

Over the last six months our project has deployed 2 major releases and 2 minor releases. Depending on how your organization is structured, Requirements analysts may or may not be part of the testing efforts. I have been fortunate to work closely with the testing teams as we tested and …

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Software Requirements: Validation vs. Verification

In software development, validation and verification are key elements to a successful project, but often the terms are mis-understood. Per the CMMI guidelines, validation is used to demonstrate that the product will meet it’s intended use, and verification demonstrates that the product matches the specified software requirements. Validation ensures that …

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