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State Changes and Process Flows

I’m working on two projects right now that both involve business objects that undergo several state transitions based on actions taken by a user. We quickly turned to State models to help conceptualize all of the possible object states, possible transitions between them, and the actions that trigger the transitions. …

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Leveraging Visual Models in an Agile World

Every discussion or training we have held at work lately keeps circling around to the same topic: Agile.  Aside from the debates over whether Agile methodology is better than Waterfall overall or in which situations one is superior to the other, analysts who have worked predominantly in a Waterfall world …

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Requirements Model 1 – The State Table

As Anthony C. said in an earlier blog post, requirements models are a great way to discover missing requirements in your software system. Without a good model, you have no way to be sure that you captured every requirement and seeing the missing requirements becomes nigh impossible. One of my …

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