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Test Scenarios

Another Use for BDDs: Deriving UAT Test Scenarios

Many of my fellow colleagues on this here blog have already commented on the value of the Business Data Diagram or BDD.  Those of you familiar with ERDsor Entity Relationship Diagrams should recognize the BDD.  The key difference between the ERD and the BDD is that BDDs are not intended …

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User Acceptance Testing Is Hardly Testing

A good project team relies on many kinds of testing to help ensure a high-quality release. Developers use unit and integration tests to verify functionality of their individual modules. Quality assurance personnel use performance and reliability testing to verify service levels of the system as a whole. While each of …

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Can’t we all just get along?

I got a notice today regarding the next meeting of the Austin PMM chapter where the topic will be Agile Software Development Techniques and Their Impact on Product Management. A discussion around the role of a PdM in an Agile environment is one that has been kicking around our office …

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