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Take Everything with a Grain of Salt

Jakob Nielsen’s article Interviewing Users, is focused on interviews for usability testing, but he makes a lot of great points that apply to requirements elicitation as well.  Here are a couple of my favorites: In the section “What Interviews Can’t Do”, Nielsen states: You can’t even ask “How useful is …

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What Should Your Application’s Response Time Be?

Interaction Elasticity by Jakob Nielsen contains some useful data for those of us writing usability requirements: Yes, we know that response times must be less than 1 second for navigation to feel seamless and less than 10 seconds to prevent a user’s attention from wandering. These time limits are caused …

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A story about usability

Earlier this morning I was working on my first blog post. If I can ever find it again, the topic will be “the most important thing”. Unfortunately you will have to wait on that posting and instead read this, my second blog post, first. All of this probably sounds a …

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