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Use Cases 101: Let’s Take an Uber

I was recently asked to prepare a handout giving the basics of use cases for an upcoming training session. It struck me as odd that I needed to start from square one for a model that seemed standard. Use cases, once ubiquitous, have largely been replaced by process flows and …

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Use Case Assumption vs Pre-Condition

When I read use cases, the assumptions I see listed are almost always pre-conditions. In Use Case – Preconditions vs Assumptions, Debbie Siah does a good job of providing definitions and tests to determine if something is a precondition or assumption. Yet, even with the definitions, it seems people still …

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Don’t forget to join us at IIBA tomorrow!

James Hulgan at Seilevel will be presenting: ‘How to use Business Data Diagrams to Derive Use Cases & UAT Scenarios’ You don’t want to miss this! Summary: Most Business Analysts have at least a passing familiarity with Entity Relationship Diagrams, or ERD’s, and their use by DBAs and Data Architects to …

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