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Business Analyst Training on Use Case Fields

Use Cases header information is essential to learn how to capture correctly in business analyst training. We describe the various fields you need in a Use Case in Video Fourteen. Assumptions and Preconditions for Use Cases and User Stories are complicated to learn about in business analyst training. In this …

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Join us at Austin IIBA on July 16th!

Title: How to Use Business Data Diagrams to Derive Use Cases and UAT Scenarios Summary: Most Business Analysts have at least a passing familiarity with Entity Relationship Diagrams, or ERD’s,  and their use by DBAs and Data Architects to model logical and physical data models.   One level of abstraction above …

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Using Use Cases To Create Test Cases

As part of my “Live from BAWorld: Boston” series, I attended a talk Monday by Matthew Leach of Doreen Evan Associates called “Leveraging Multi-Level Use Cases for Testing and Other Ways to Obtain Greater ROI on your Business Analysis Investment”. His talk went into great depth about how you could …

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A Better Way to Write a Use Case: Plain English

I was talking to a colleague recently about use cases and it got me thinking about my evolution as a use-case-writer. I used to do formal use cases exclusively – where they very clearly denoted system and user steps (whether in one list or 2 columns), preconditions, triggers, Postconditions, etc. …

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Why Do We Model Software Requirements?

The other day, I was flying to California to visit my customer. On the plane, I was seated next to a gentleman who worked for a small engineering firm in the Silicon Valley. We quickly struck up a conversation about work and when I began to explain what I do), …

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