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Sprint Carry-Over: An Agile Team’s Dirty Little Secret

What does “Done” mean, really? Working on an Agile project is really an exercise in honesty and self-reflection; if your team can’t predictably complete its work, can’t progress through each of its sprints; it’s safe to assume each of your team’s releases will be equally unpredictable. And here lies the …

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Going Agile: The Anatomy of a User Story

User stories, a requirements format utilized in Agile software development, are typically formatted with the following template: As a (type of user), I want (some goal), so that (some reason). This template can be modified to suit a project’s need. In this post, we’ll show how user stories themselves can …

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Games Are Serious Business

One of my good friends recently changed jobs. For several years he was working with a fairly large software developer that loved to boast that they always had positive margins, always showed growth. I guess it isn’t too hard when you create nearly fixed cost products that can be resold …

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