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Going from Agile back to Waterfall

I have heard from numerous people say that once you are on an Agile project, you never want to go back to Waterfall.  I have done just that.  And it is hard but it is doable and enjoyable with the right attitude.  A lot of what you do in Agile …

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Interlocks in Agile

One of the questions we often get from companies/projects trying to move to Agile methodology is how does an Agile team deal with interlocks, especially when those interlocks are on the Waterfall methodology and want their requirements and commitment a year to a year and a half in advance? To …

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Waterfall and Agile- An Engineer’s Perspective

Last time I talked about validation and verification and how they apply to both software requirements and engineering. Today, I’d like to cover another topic we talk about in our training and how it relates to engineering; software development lifecycles (SDLC) for Waterfall and Agile. Again, to begin, I’d like …

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Working in Waterfall – What I miss about Agile

I’ve been working on a large project for the past several months; our customer has purchased an application that they are customizing for their environment.  The vendor has chosen to work in a waterfall manner…gather all of the requirements first, review then freeze the requirements once approved, and then they …

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Traditional software requirements don’t work?

Recently I have talked to a number of clients that have referred to the fact that traditional requirements don’t work. It didn’t take long to ferret out that they were referring to creating software requirements using a waterfall model. I want to state for the record that I completely agree …

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